Boy or Girl?

Chris is 100% sure it is a boy.  I’ve been just ga-ga over little boy sweater vests and bow ties.  But although my husband says he just has a feeling that it is a boy, we decided to do some gender predicting tests.

BUT FIRST!  I have the videos from our homecoming to Indianapolis airport and telling my friends in person that I am indeed pregnant.  Remember-  we had been traveling for 32 hours at this point so I look a little…well… not so hot.  But I am growing a tiny human so just be warned that from here on out, I’m not concerned about my appearance too much 😉

THEN… I told them that they forgot someone on their signs.  (It said Mr. & Mrs. Courtney) Then I whipped out the onesie and waited… Please notice Chris in the background.  Poor guy.  And Jaime’s “OH MY GOD!” at the end.  Hahaha

Baby's first American appearance.

Once we got settled in we started to talk about the baby’s gender.  My cousin LeAnn swears by the Chinese calendar gender predictor.  She said it has been right for all the family member’s babies for the past 8 years.  She plugged in my age and the month of conception.  At first, the result was BOY.  But technically my first week of pregnancy was in December, not January which changed the result to a GIRL.  Since conception does usually happen until week 2-3 I would think that January would be the month. But… it looks like this test may go either way.  Chris says boy.

Then we decided to do the needle and thread test.  You tie a needle to the end of a string and hold it over your belly.  If it starts swinging in circles, it is a girl.  If it goes back and forth, it is a boy.  We first did it to my non pregnant sister, Christina to see if it would do anything for her… and it didn’t move at all!

Then it was my turn… Yes this angle is terrible and I look 500 lbs but I don’t really care, this was an experience worth documenting!

Then we did the pencil and thread gender test.  If the pencil goes across your wrist, it is a girl.  If it goes up and down, it is a boy.  See the results of this first test.  Christina goes first to see if it swings even for non-pregos.

So since this one said girl we decided to try it one more time…

Ok so it is looking like the majority the arrows point to BOY but there was a little waivering.

After I left our doctor’s appointment last week, Christina called and said, “What’s the heart rate?!?! I’ve been dying all morning.”  When I told her it was 170 she said, “Ohhhh my goodnessss..  It’s a GIRL!  Alexa was 170!”

So I guess I don’t have a real solid conclusion on Baby C’s gender.  Chris still says it is a boy and he doesn’t need all these tests to know 😉  Either way, I see lots of hugs and giggles and love in our near future!

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