Back Home Again in Indiana

Today I have decided I need to just relax and do whatever I want to do.  (If I did what I need to do I would be cleaning the toilet. Ew)  Lately I’ve been going 100 miles an hour and then I’ll crash.  Like 3 hour naps, then watch Game of Thrones then back to bed to sleep 10 hours kind of crashing.  I can no longer force myself to work late at night or charge through the day on high octane coffee.  My days of pushing the boundaries are sadly over (until the baby is born).  Now I have to listen to my body and when it says it is done, then… I’m done.  Now I understand why people say growing a baby is a full time job.

Work has been awesome.  I am doing what I love and meeting the most inspirational people.  However, the last few weeks we have kicked it into high gear and quite frankly I am mentally exhausted.

The transition from Hawaii to Japan to Indiana was as flawless as we could have made it.  But continuing to work without skipping a beat, seeing all the people we’ve missed and all the miscellaneous things that come with settling in a new place has been a tad overwhelming.  And with pregnancy on top of it all, it has been challenging at times.  Luckily, Chris and I are on the same team and have been really honest with each other when it came to saying no to certain things.  So in between the long work days, setting up new bank accounts, tax meetings, etc. we’ve had a pretty great time.  Here is a recap of the last month.  (Now do you get why I haven’t had time to blog? 😉 )

We went to see my Grandpa and Grandma Gillespie for dinner one night.  We hadn’t seen them in such a long time.  They were so excited and asked us to bring pictures of Hawaii and Japan to show them.  This is the grandma who didn’t understand how I could call her from Hawaii and when I brought out the computer to show them a slideshow they were really confused where the photos were coming from.  Which makes teaching them about things we do day to day so much fun.  And we get to hear about what it was like growing up on a farm in southern Indiana and Ohio back in the 20’s and so forth.

My family is extremely musically talented.  Dad says every day after dinner the whole family would play music.  They competed in countless competitions, were in several bands and made music a central theme of their lives. After dinner my grandpa set up his guitars and asked Chris to play with him.  Grandma took her place at the piano and away they went.  My grandpa hasn’t played much since he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease but he said his meds have him able to play a little again.

Chris is playing his 1950 Gibson j-50 acoustic and Grandpa is playing a Martin d-26 acoustic. Such a cool moment to see my husband part of a family tradition.

For my birthday, my birthday buddy and bff Abbey planned a night at a 70’s and 80’s club called Boogie Nights.  She had planned it before she knew I was pregnant and even though I wasn’t feeling top-notch I put on my heels and danced to a few of my favorite 80’s songs.  Chris has turned Papa Bear protective so my usually dancing king of a husband sipped on Red Bull and Vodka (probably to stay awake) and watched every move I made.   As soon as anyone got too close to me he would move closer and closer as if to say “STAY AWAY FROM MY PREGNANT WIFE”.  Honestly, I kind of liked it 😉 Sidenote: My Grandma Cornett called my mom to tell her how much she loves Chris.  She said he watches over me and takes care of me.  Apparently he helped me down 3 stairs off a porch and Grandma liked that

Abbey, me, Kelcie and Eileen jamming out to David Bowie at Boogie Nights.

As soon as we change the sheets in the guest room, restock the chocolates and bottle water by the bed, another person comes to stay!  We’ve been so lucky to have someone staying with us all the time.  You can never have too many friends and family.  Chris has a cousin I had never met before that is like a brother to him.  Matt is in the Army and has been stationed in Missouri since Chris and I met.  He also has been on several tours overseas making meeting him almost impossible.  BUT he was on leave and stopped by and we spent 3 days with him!  It was so good to finally meet the mysterious cousin-like-brother.   At one point he turned to Chris and said, “You never get bored with this one do you?”  I’ll take that as a compliment 😉

Matt and Chris!

Well I just had to get in there too 😉

Matt's dog Kane and Kelso hanging out on the back deck.

Then our amazing Australian friend AZ came to visit!  We met him the week of our wedding (he was Amanda’s friend and partner in crime) and he was one of our wedding planners for the day of the wedding.  He is one of those individuals that you just adore from day 1.  He is so fun to be around, over the top positive and just a joy to call a friend.  In celebration of his arrival we had a crab boil New Orleans style. (Photos courtesy of Amanda Dean Photography.)

Mom handing out the lemons to everyone. Then you make a wish as you throw them into the pot! Fun tradition 🙂

Lemons are in! Time to boil!

Hellooo crab boil!

AZ wasn't too sure about these little guys. Matt on the other hand was in heaven.

Now Kelly told us to laugh in this picture. Apparently the others didn't hear her.

Where did the brownies go? That's right my sister Brittany has them.. on her face 😉

Kelso! When Amanda asked him to smile he did this. I hope our kids listen this well.

Gabe and Alexa! Taking turns playing games on my phone.

Story time. This is where David admits to tricking AZ at our wedding. David challenged AZ to a drinking contest at our reception. AZ recalls it was more of him challenging his country which is a challenge he must defend in the name of Australia. Well, every other beer, David had the bartender fill his beer with water. AZ was a good sport and laughed as they remembered the night and how AZ would be only half way done with one beer and David would bring him another. Never ever agree to any contest or challenge from David... 🙂

After the crab boil David and Christina hosted a bonfire. Such a perfect ending to a perfect day.

We also had a holiday this past month… Easter!  This is our first official holiday back on the mainland and boy was it jam packed.  The last few years we spent holidays sleeping in and hitting the beach.  This Easter we woke up early to head to Indy to see Chris’s grandma and parents for about an hour, then headed back south for brunch at a winery with my dad’s side of the family then to Milan to Easter dinner for my mom’s side.  Although it was a lot of time driving, it was good to see everyone. And although I didn’t get to make Easter baskets for Mark and Chris this year, my mom made sure I had a sugar-free basket this year.  I don’t have photos from each family gathering but I do have a few from brunch at the winery.  PS Jesus is still #1, not the sugar-free Peeps.  We are so blessed to have so much love and family on a day that is so precious to me.

Uncle Ted and his favorite nieces.

The whole family!

Lookin' good with the windblown look.

Tried to get a family shot... the wind had other plans. Good thing we are a fun family and just laughed 🙂

In other news, we bought a car!  Chris and I have tried to keep the perspective we had in Hawaii.  No keeping up with the Jones, living life to live, focusing on what makes us happy, etc.  I didn’t want to turn into the suburban mom.  Which I still think I can avoid despite all the pressure.  So when it came to look for the mom car it was really testing.  We wanted to focus on safety, gas mileage and space.  We looked at older cars that we could just pay off and not have a car payment all the way to brand new SUVs.  If you’ve seen the analytical side of Chris you know that no details were left out.  Basically after weeks of talking it over we decided that a new car with better gas mileage and high resale value was the way to go.  I could send you the spreadsheet of estimated gas spent per year, approx resale value, etc if you care 😉 hahaha.

Chris found me like this waiting for a test drive. Chex Mix and Diet Coke pulled me through. (I've given up soda for the pregnancy but this was a life or death situation)

Then Chris would say "You are getting your mom car!!!" And I would perk back up.

We decided to go the new car route after much discussion and debating.  I’m not really the best when it comes to saying what I really feel in front of other people if it is a negative thought.  I will smile through being upset most of the time.  But at one dealership they were really playing the game of back and forth.  Chris and I had done our research and knew how much we were going to pay for the vehicle, taxes, all that.  After the third time of “talking to the sales manager” I kind of lost it.  I was hungry, tired and a bit cranky.  I usually am the happy wife and Chris is really serious.  I took a look at the number they wrote on the paper and I said, “NO!  That’s enough.  I’m hungry and tired and I refuse to pay that much a month for that vehicle.  Chris, I’m sorry… I’m done. Sir, nice to meet you, I’ll be in the car.”  The guy’s eyes widened and said he would be right back.  I thought Chris was going to be upset because I was so rude in front of the man.  But he smiled and said how impressed he was.  The reality was that if he didn’t come back with the right number I was done.  I already had my purse on my shoulder and when he came back with the wrong number I walked away.  I probably smiled in fear I hurt his feelings.. that or I knew there was a Qboda close by.

We ended up finding the perfect vehicle for the exact price we were looking for.  And after a million signatures… my mom car was MINE!  (and Chris’s of course).

Deuces for the 2012 Honda CRV EX.

Our sales lady showing me the in's and out's.

Mom Car ready for action!

It has been so great to have all three of us sisters in the same state.  Even though Brittany is still in school at Marian University (first in her class in nursing school?  Have I mentioned that before? Oh, I have? Sorry 😉 ) It is so nice when we all get together.  Brittany surprised us one night and showed up to dinner.  At one point all three of us were all over the world so my parents get really excited when we are all together.

Dad and I waiting for our table at Willie's.


Never to be out done of course.

Dinner at Willie's.

I made the mistake of coming downstairs in this outfit. Both of them couldn't stop laughing at my "pregnant mom outfit". In my defense I was very comfy and ready for bed. Chris is one lucky man on nights like this 😉

Speaking of baby… I am doing good!  Exhausted from all the stuff going on but much better than the first trimester.  I had one really emotional week where I cried a lot over nothing.  I knew that it wasn’t really me so it had to be hormones.  But I got it in check… for now.  I went through a quick phase of worrying about my baby bump.  I am seeing all these people I haven’t seen in years and started to get paranoid that my bump was too big or I looked too pregnant or something crazy like that.  I remember reading a friend’s blog when she was pregnant.  She said that someone accused her of padding her baby bump for photos.  She said it was so hurtful.  I remember at the time feeling sad for her but now I totally understand.  I was Googling baby bump pictures of people, reading blogs, etc. and Chris talked to me about it.  It doesn’t matter if this girl is barely showing or this girl is twice the size you are.  Pregnancy is a very individual sport.  Everyone has such different symptoms, growth, position of the uterus etc.  And now I’ve come to terms with it.  I had someone say to me last week “So & so said you were really showing!”  Why yes, yes I am!  I am growing a child.  How amazing is that?!

There is a BABY in there. With little toes and fingers and oh my goodness I could cry with happiness.

Weight Check: Up 5 lbs over the last month.  I asked the nurse if that is normal and she laughed.  She said everyone is different and I shouldn’t worry about it.  She said some gain the most at the beginning, have a month with no gain and then a random month of a 15 lb gain.  She said eat right, exercise and have fun.  Hmm.. okay!

Rings:  Had some swelling this past weekend and took my engagement ring off (it is a half size smaller than my wedding band).  I think I’ll be able to get it back on soon.  Just need to lay off the salt and this crazy hot/cold weather.

Sleeping:  Still waking up 4-5 times a night to pee.  So neither of us sleep soundly.  The funniest part is that we currently have a waterbed.  Which Chris is not quite used to nor fond of.  He is a light sleeper so every time I get in and out he looks like he is on a wet and wild ride.  He swears that I run and cannon ball each time.  I swear I am not!  The new bed is coming shortly but for now it is pretty hilarious 🙂

Eating Habits:  I am eating much better now than at the beginning when I was eating anything that would help my nausea.  I’m not a dietitian by any means but I am trying to eat my fruits and vegetables like a responsible adult.

Fears:  I still cry when a spouse dies on TV.  I am able to control my fear of Chris dying every time he gets out of my sight but every now and then I stand in the office with tears and Chris just knows that he needs to stop for a minute and let me sit in his lap.  He’s been really patient with me.  Thank goodness I have an awesome husband that stops everything to talk to me about what I’m feeling and work through it.

Happy Moment: Watching the grandma’s buy pink and blue clothes at a garage sale “to cover all bases”.  A dance party to Michael Jackson’s Thriller with my husband in the middle of working.  Chris telling me to picture the baby in the back of the mom car… and if I could picture him/her then that was the car we should get.  And Chris searching several states just to get the right color of my mom car that I wanted.

So if you see a crazy lady in a white CRV zoom past you while eating a Skyline cheese coney and dancing to the music… that would be me headed to a gathering of some sort 😉 *FYI: I do not encourage eating while driving.  But dancing is a must*

6 thoughts on “Back Home Again in Indiana

  1. We have a black 2008 CR-V EXL and absolutely love it! Hope you have the same experience as us with your Honda.

  2. I have the EXACT same car – pearl 2012 Honda CR-V EX 🙂 I was wondering which infant carrier/car seat you purchased for the car and which seat you installed it in. The reason I ask is I’m due in October and am starting to shop for one!

      • Thanks, Alicia! With the Chicco KeyFit 30, did you install it in the center or directly behind one of the front seats? If you installed in the center, did you anchor to the ceiling – does it obstruct your view at all? If you installed directly behind a front seat, do you find that you have to pull the seats up closer to the dash?

    • Hey Jen! We installed it in the center. There are clips in the middle seat to hook the base to so you do not have to worry about anchoring to the ceiling. It is quite genius 😉 The only issue I have is the heavier Annalise gets, the harder it is for me to lift the car seat up and all the way over to the middle seat. But maybe that is just a strength issue on my part. Haha! No complaints with the CRV and this car seat at all!

      • I’m glad to hear you were able to just use the clips in the center seat. Ideally, that is where I’d like to install the seat. I can understand how as the babe gets bigger it maybe become more difficult to lift the seat up. I am short, too, so this may be more challenging! Thanks again for the great information 🙂 I hope you and Annalise are doing well.

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