Our Engagement

The story: When Chris and I first started dating he told me to pack a bag (with a swimsuit) but wouldnt tell me where we were going. We ended up at his parents’ lakehouse where I told him it was the best night of my life…
A few months later when we were back at the lakehouse we smiled as we told each other ‘I love you’ and I told him that was the best day of my life…
The weekend of August 1st, Chris’s whole family came to the lakehouse (his brother’s family came in from Florida) and my family came too to celebrate all the July birthdays. Little did I know the entire family was in on his plan.
At about 1pm the two of us took off from the dock in a fishing boat.  After fishing for about 20 minutes, we headed back towards the dock.  I, of course, was being a dork and doing a Titanic reenactment in the front of the boat.  Since everyone was getting in place on the dock he started splashing me with water so I would turn around. I then began to beat him with an oar (while everyone was watching). So to them… it wasnt lookin’ good. He then reached down and said “I have something you can dry off with” and in a little plastic bag was a napkin. I pulled it out and it was the napkin I doodled on on our first date.  He then said a ton of sweet stuff (which is for my ears only ;)) and then told me to turn around. Lined up on the stairs leading to the water were all his nieces and nephews with signs that read ” Alicia Will You Marry Me?”. Of course I was crying but I said YES. Nothing means more to me than family and to have everyone involved made it so perfect. Once we got to the dock we had champagne and tons of hugs. Then I got to see each sign the kids made. I will definitely keep them forever. 🙂
The ring is my great-great grandmothers wedding band he had dipped and set. And he proposed with the box my mother’s engagement ring came in…. I’d say he knows me very well and I am the luckiest girl in the world! I think this was the best day of my life…

One thought on “Our Engagement

  1. this is wonderful!!! Made me cry! Congrats to you both!! You will sooo enjoy Hawaii!!! Next comes babies…oppsss…am I moving too fast for you???? enjoy and God bless!

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