Bye, Bye First Trimester (And baby’s 1st photos!)

Only a few days left of my first trimester!  Where did the first 13 weeks go?  I went from beach babe running (ok more like jog/walking) on the shores of Kailua to exhausted mamma trying to walk to the end of the road.  But the journey, although at times nauseating, has been beautiful.  And I can’t imagine how much is going to happen in the coming months!

First, I want to say a HUGE CONGRATS to my best friend, Annalise!  She married our dear friend Chris this past weekend and it was a beautiful ceremony and hella party.  I was fortunate enough to be a bridesmaid and experience it right along with her.  (photos with watermarks are by Mike Washington at!)

Annalise getting ready!

Annalise and Chris outside the Kappa house! (We are in the back trying to get in Kappa to take pics on the red stairs.)

Jaime and I strutting our stuff in our bridesmaid dresses.

Kappas at the wedding reception! Such a good time when everyone travels from all over to celebrate together!

The day before the wedding Chris and I woke up extra early to head to our very first doctor’s appointment! EEK!  I had decided to fast because they may want to check my glucose levels and I surely wasn’t going to do another blood test.  Being pregnant on top of my sugar issues had me one lightheaded mess on the way to the doctor but all I could think about was this tiny baby heartbeat we were going to hear.

Despite my absolute terror of having my blood drawn I smiled at Dr. Lum when I entered the waiting room.  He spotted me through the window and said, “There’s that smile!”  Little did he know that I soon would be facing the blood drawing doom that I so loathe.  I went up to the window to talk to the nurse about my fear of the blood thing and in Chris-style he jumps behind me to talk to the nurse and see what we can do to make this less traumatizing for me.  I was pretty calm though because I just kept thinking “It isn’t about you anymore.  You have to do it for your baby!”  I actually didn’t cry while she was doing it, but instead told her my whole life story very quickly while Chris held me to his chest.  When she said it wasn’t working then I cried and I am pretty sure I scared the next mom-to-be that came in after.  Dang it!  For those of you who don’t know my complete irrational fear of IV’s and blood drawn, it is pretty severe.  Child birth doesn’t seem scary to me at all… but the blood drawing thing well.. it is pretty awful.  We’ve talked to doctors about it because I know in my head I am crazy.  We think it is because I was strapped down as a small child and forced to have an IV while I screamed.  I don’t remember it but we think somewhere in my head, I do.  Okay!  NOW!  I had to explain this because I have a feeling I will blog more about this issue that I am trying so hard to overcome.

We go first to the ultrasound room.  That’s right… ULTRASOUND!   I was told we weren’t going to get one that we were just listening to the heartbeat.  So I first got a routine papsmear (and Chris’s first time witnessing one… haha!) then we got to see our little guy (or girl)!

Then we got to hear the little heartbeat!

I love this one because you can see the little leg and tiny fist. So tiny but so loved already 🙂

Check out that adorable baby. Chris and I like to tell how cute he is already 😉

Chris is such a proud dad and super protective over me.  We knew the wedding day was going to be the longest I have been without a nap or resting.  When the bridal party was taking photos, he sat at McDonald’s parking lot for a long time waiting for us to be just 10 minutes away from the venue so he could bring me a hot coffee. (I am allowed 1 cup a day and he figured mid-day would be best for me to get me through the rest of the evening).  He also brought me chicken bites, water and my sunglasses incase I needed them.  Who does this?!  He is wonderful!  Aside from that, it was so amazing to have several of my friends tell me how great Chris is and how lucky I am to have him as the father of my children.  It means so much to me to have my friends care about him so much.  They even told my parents how great he is.  My friends are pretty grand and my baby daddy is pretty awesome that is fo-sho.

Wondering how my growing belly is going?  So far, so good!  Some people show by now, others don’t.  I’m just thrilled to have a healthy baby going into my second trimester!

12 weeks pregnant on my 26th birthday! 3 months down, 6 to go!

Feeling: Tired and still battling nausea.  But I see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Weight Gain: Up 10 lbs from pre-baby weight.  Not too worried about it since I would gain 10 lbs on a week long vacation plus eating habits haven’t been that great since I’ve been trying to keep my nausea under control.

Song Stuck In My Head:  You and Me by Dave Matthews Band (For Chris)

Things That Made Me Tear Up:  Chris playing “Godspeed (Sweet Dreams)” by the Dixie Chicks on his guitar to the baby.  All my friends sharing in all the little things.  My sister, Christina, showing up with the most gorgeous baby crib that we would never have bought for ourselves.

Gender:  Won’t know until May 15th BUT I am doing another blog after this all on our gender predicting tests and you can decide 😉

3 thoughts on “Bye, Bye First Trimester (And baby’s 1st photos!)

  1. Love you guys so much. I just stared crying reading the Chris guitar playing part. You’ve found the best man ever, I’m sure of it. You’re gorgeous, and the little one is taking after his beautiful parents already.
    Courtney’s are #1?!?

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