A Vlog Recap – Japan is awesome

Words cannot describe how amazing Japan is.  I haven’t really had any time to blog because we have been so busy.  We have two DSLR cameras and the new Nikon my parents got us for Christmas so you can imagine  the amount of photos we have to sort through.  So I thought I would take 20 minutes to do a vlog (video blog) to give you a quick recap.  I talk about what we’ve been up to, the culture and places we’ve been.  Enjoy!

(Yes I am aware of the terrible face I am making in the video below.  I don’t have time to fix it now as I am rushing off to teach an English speaking class so just think of it as my gift to you to make you laugh 😉 )

In Shibuya loving this crazy adventure!


2 thoughts on “A Vlog Recap – Japan is awesome

  1. Really enjoyed this! Just one question tho….what was that noise I heard at about 16:38???? hahaha! I can’t stop laughing! Love and miss you guys!

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