Twas the Night Before Our Wedding

Our rehearsal was a perfect day by itself.  I spent the majority of the morning at the pool with my bridesmaids and mom just relaxing and laughing. Like I’ve said before, our wedding wasn’t a stressful affair.  The planning was so much fun and even though there were challenges (like living 4,000 miles away from everyone) we still made it work.  It was a wedding!  A celebration of the love Chris and I have and we were able to share with so many people.  What a blessing.  So the day before the wedding we had a wonderful time at the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  You can see in the rehearsal photos the blank canvas we had to work with when planning the wedding.  Even without any decorations, it is breathtaking.  I hope you enjoy these photos as much as we did living them!

Photos were taken by the one and only Mike MDUB Washington.  Or as we like to call him, Mikarazzi.

We completely forgot about the ribbon bouquet you traditionally make for your rehearsal. But my awesome bridesmaids showed up with a paper towel and straw bouquet that had us dying laughing.

The bridesmaids! Christina, Emma, me, Brittany and Jaime!

My handsome groom and I envisioning what it would look like the next day.

Miss Amanda with her clipboard ready to tell everyone where to go. She was amaaazing!

Dad and I practicing our long walk down the aisle.

AZ with his walkie talkie coordinating with Amanda. I personally think the walkie talkies had a lot to do with why everything went smoothly. 😉

Regrouping and going over last minute details before caravanning to our next destination.

Checking out the bridal suite one last time.

Next up... Germaine's Luau! Chris's parents threw an amazing rehearsal dinner. It was a traditional luau. We ate, drank and even got on stage 😉

Ohhh the Lava Flows. They were the drink of choice for the whole week.

The show was spectacular. A true representation of the Hawaiian culture throughout time.

Christopher and his mom 🙂

Chris was one of three guys that got on stage, dressed in hula skirts and danced in a hula competition. It was hilarious! I'm not going to post photos of him kicking butt because it was something I know he did just for me 🙂 The winner was chosen by round of applause. We all cheered even after they had announced he was the winner. The emcee was so nice and wished us a happy life together and also invited the entire crowd to our North Shore wedding. We even got some congrats in the buffet line. 🙂

Our Hawaii bffs John and Raquel!

They asked for volunteers. The whole front row is from our group. Typical show offs. Ha!

And finally our last photo together before we become Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Courtney! Chris is my one and only soulmate and I was so excited to marry him the next day. No nerves, no cold feet... just absolutely happiness in its purest form.


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