The Bachelorette Party: No Clever Caption Needed

The bachelorette party day was one to remember.  My best friend Jaime with the help of a million of my friends organized an entire day dedicated to me celebrating my last few days of singleness and embracing marriage.  Instead of a nice long intro I am going to tell you the story through photos.  Because it is much better if you feel like you are there 🙂

Ready for a poolside Bridal Shower!

Walking in! I'm wearing my cover-up Jaime bought for me that says BRIDE in rhinestones... oh yeaaa

Brittany tying my sash for the day!

Mom and sister! I will say the only thing missing from this incredible day was my other sister.

Alisha had an Auntie who made and brought Hawaiian food for our brunch! Amaaazing!

Mimosas are my favorite!


Yummm! Everyone got to try lau lau and musubi

Now just as we started to get our food. We had an interruption..

So the first hitch-in-our-get-along was the security officer of the condos barging in and demanding to know who is in charge.  He was probably the rudest man I have ever met.  He said there are no parties allowed at the adult pool.  Jaime told him she already had permission to be here.  He rolled his eyes and said he knew who told us we could.  He yelled at us for having decorations and told us to vacate immediately.  Now you know me and confrontation– I started to pack up.  But most of my friends and family were about ready to brawl.  It was 11am on a Monday, we were quiet and had food already on our plates.  Long story short, we packed it all up and moved to my parents condo lanai which was maybe 20 feet away.  If he would have been a little nicer it wouldn’t have been such a downer.  And the fact that all of us were staying there and had access to the pool, could eat at the pool but just couldn’t have decorations was kinda weird.  Brittany was hilarious and said, “Didn’t see a ring on his finger.  Ain’t no woman who wants to put up with him!”  Ohhh Brittany.  So! We moved the party 20 ft over and resumed where we left off.  No big deal 🙂

Relocation to the lanai

After Mom gave the front office a nice little call she helped pack the decorations and head over to resume the par-tay!

I had told Brittany on the phone many months before that I wanted this hanger. Apparently I told her I wanted the dark wood (I knew it would be easier for her if I gave specifics). Apparently the dark wood was on back order and she called the lady panicked saying "My sister told me she had to have this one!!!!" Long story short, I got the hanger 🙂 Even better, my bff Mallory who couldn't make it to the wedding sent me another hanger for my veil!!! TWO MRS COURTNEY HANGERS =HEAVEN

Molly had all of my Kappa friends submit recipes for my Kappa Kappa Kookbook. When we were at a concert one summer I made her take that pic of me at sunset as a joke. Welp, it ended up on the front cover. Thanks.

It was so amazing to read all the quotes and thoughtful notes from my friends.

Laurie and Lauren are two of my best friends that couldn't make it. So happy to see their faces 🙂

Lauren and Jaime trying to practice the cutting of the cake tradition.

Once we finished up at the Bridal Shower we all went back to our condos to pack up for the rest of the day’s adventures!

We decorated the cars with stickers, flags and all sorts of decorations. Waikiki here we come!

All was going as planned until...

Womp womp... We got a flat tire. All four vehicles pulled off the highway and 17 girls pile out. When we realized that we had to wait for AAA we packed as many girls in 3 cars as possible to try and make our Sunset Booze Cruise.

When we get to the Sunset Cruise we find out that a group of Korean tourists have taken our spot on the boat! Captain Terry told us that he would come back and pick us up for our own private tour when he got back.

So we decide to hang out on Waikiki Beach and grab a few drinks at Dukes. That is where my sister-in-law Melissa showed up fresh off her long flight from Florida. She even had her suitcase with her. I'd say she is a trooper and I was so thankful she came straight there from the airport!

Gorgeous sunset as we wait for Capt. Terry. When he came back he told us that it will be pitch black on our cruise. Is that okay? Everyone looked at me and I said, "Saddle up!"

Once we got on the boat we opened up our own booze and the two guys on staff brought us all Mai Tais. BOOOZE CRUISE!

Brittany and Jen feeling the wind in their sails with Diamond Head in the background.

Jaime and I gave a mini choreographed dance.

As we sailed away from the shore the city lights got brighter. It was an unbelievable sight to have the dark ocean below and the view of Waikiki.

Then Capt Terry stopped the boat. He asked who wanted to jump in the ocean. He also said that if we didn't know how to swim, please don't jump in. So in the pitch black, deep sea we took turns jumping off the boat with the Waikiki skyline in the distance. It was once of the most surreal moments of my life. Brittany and I jumped together and once we came up for air she creamed, "This is the best day of my life!!!! I will never forget this!!!!"

Captain Terry played Molly's iPod and we danced MTV style as we jumped in over and over again.

This picture captures the moment quiet well. So. Much. Fun.

As we headed into Waikiki to dock the boat we all screamed/sang along to the blaring music and danced while announcing to the whole beach that we were taking over that night.

Now with the jet lag and all the festivities of the day, you would think we were ready for the hour ride home…. yeah right.

In the meantime, Mom and Steph are waiting on AAA and decide to have a little photo shoot.

AAA finally shows up! Hooray!

Thank you for saving us!

Uh oh. Mom found the penis brownies for the bachelorette party that night. Oops.

We finally meet back up with Amanda, Steph, Donna and Mom at Raquel’s condo for the start of the crazy bachelorette party!

The guys who were also celebrating Chris's bachelor party simultaneously were leaving John and Raquel's condo as we were arriving. Uncle Ted saw brownies and asked if he could have one. Eww.

Raquel went above and beyond. She decorated, had everything you would need to get ready at her condo and opened it up to all these girls to get ready for a night out! Unfortunately the boys were here first. There was some proof left behind.

Raquel left cute notes for the girls telling them to use the shampoo, towels, etc. And again, the boys let their presence be known.

On our way to the room Raquel rented in her complex, we stopped to pick up pizza. This guy tried to take our pizza. Annie leaned over to us and said, "That's the stripper. Youre welcome."

Walking into the bachelorette zone. This is the point in the blog that if you don't want to see phallic symbols, you should bail. For those of you who could use a good laugh. Hang in there.

My friends don't forget any detail when it comes to a bachelorette party.

Yep... this even made an appearance to the party. She swore it was a pool toy.

All of us went from salty beach bums to night glam girls. Here was the view from Raquel's condo.

All ready to hit the town!

Our first and last stop was the Irish Rose Saloon. They were basically empty on this Monday night with only one waitress and a bartender. The Waitress told my mom that she saw 2 black dress.... 6 black dress... holy crap 15 black dresses and they are still coming!!!!!

And we all danced and danced and the band played and played... It was so perfect..

The lead singer would come down and sing with us. He said we were the best lookin women he had ever seen. Duh 😉

All my friends from childhood until now were breaking it down.

Even this guy (who we called Long Hair Dont Care) had a great time!

Anddd thennnnn... Look who showed up!!!

And he whisked me away to take on the dance floor. We threw out some pretty awesome moves.

Chris and his entourage added to our party

The best part of the night is when the band dedicated Don't Stop Believin' to Chris and I. So naturally everyone got up to dance to that one.

And at the end, Chris swooped in like my Knight in Shining Armor and finished the song with me. Brittany cried and said, "It was just like Glee! It was just like Glee! Oh Chris is too perfect!" Yep, we were only 3 days from taking him completely of the market 😉

The owner of the bar bought a round of shots for everyone and danced with us. He said we made his night 😉

Raquel just needed a sugar pick me up to keep dancing

Loving every minute of it!

Since turning 21 Brittany had never been to a bar before. I think my friends broke her in...

I kept debating whether to buy this dress or not. Next thing I knew Emma had it waiting for me at the Honolulu Bebe store. Thanks Emma 🙂

We ended up closing the bar around 2am. We screamed for one more song but I think the band was so exhausted from giving it all they had all night. We all laughed and made it to our cars for the hour long ride back to Turtle Bay. Jaime had strategically placed Saltines and bottled waters in each car (My friends really do think of everything!) It was a whole day to remember!

Much love and aloha to everyone who worked so hard on pulling this day off.  A huge thank you to my mom.  Even though she was exhausted she knew how special this night was.  She never stopped smiling.  Thanks to her, Annie and Jen for being our DD’s 😉 I really couldn’t have planned a more perfect day.  All the way from the crazy evites sent months in advance until the last dance at the Irish Rose Saloon.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


2 thoughts on “The Bachelorette Party: No Clever Caption Needed

    • Well shoot, I just cried at work! If you don’t have a couple of those hiccups it’s not a party! I’m glad you had such a great night… I know we all did!

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