The Gillespie’s Take Over Oahu

I believe I owe you all some blog posts.  I often start my blogs in the shower.  That’s right.  Just about the time I start to lather, rinse, repeat I am writing snippets of my next blog in my head.  Due to the tons of shampoo and conditioner people left us after the wedding I thought my hardest choice of the day was Paul Mitchell or Pantene.  But it turns out that writing about the most wonderful week of your life can be even more challenging.  I actually just got cold chills.  It was more than I ever dreamt of.  The week of having fun with our friends and family was out of a movie.  But the wedding was so much more.  It was… perfect.

Let’s back up to October 5th.  This is when my mom and dad landed and the fun began!  Now, if you remember, we live in a studio apartment.  But when it comes to family I grew up with a “if we have a couch, a bed, a floor… you are always welcome.”  And some of you have actually slept on the floor of my parents house if you were the last to go to sleep.  And not only did we have a blast staying together, we have some pretty hilarious stories.  We stayed up late listening to dad tell stories about work pranks, refused to let mom go to sleep until she saw the end of Inception and lots of other things that ended up with us laughing until we had tears.  Here is a picture recap!

They made it! Tired but not too tired for Long Board beer and wine!

While Chris and I worked and Mom finished wedding details, Dad rented a bike and got to know Kailua, our home.

Picking up my rehearsal dinner dress... Mom snapped a quick pic. Sometimes I forget the powerful beauty all around. Even at the mall...

Thursday nights means Kailua Farmers Market. Chris was showing Dad all the types of fresh bread. He introduced him to taro bread and other Hawaii favorites.

Dad found organic chocolate bars. I don't think he really cared as much about being locally grown as he did how amazing they tasted. Ha!

We took them to our favorite place- Spitting Cave!

We drove around the entire island looking at all the beautiful overlooks and scenery.

If you know Dad, you know he was in the water 75% of each day.

Quick stop to get our marriage license! Of course as soon as we came out of the back room where we filled everything out, Chris yells "WE PASSED!" A young guy waiting to go in with his fiance turned pale and had a "oh crap" moment. Poor guy...

Rabbit Island

Exploring North Shore before the troops get in (meaning the party plane)

Ready to take everyone to the Mai Tai Bar on Waikiki Beach!

Loving the music and drinks while watching the sunset!

Time for dinner and music!

Dancing after dinner at the Irish Rose Saloon! Raquel looked amazing!

Have I mentioned how much I love dancing with this man??

Those vodka shots made a rough day for everyone at work the next day... right, John?

Watching the surfers at China Wall. The waves crash up against that wall and the surf next to it. Looks terrifying.

Mom and Dad looooved the view from John and Raquel's condo

Had to go to our favorite crepes place.

Coming to Hawaii isn't complete without a Liliha coco puff. Too bad Raquel sat on the few we had left 😉 Hahaha! (She's going to kill me for saying that)

I would say they had a great time with us one-on-one before the craziness began.

Okay, I’m going to try and not cry here.  My dad has worked so hard for so many years to show me and my sisters that we can do anything.  (How else do you think I would have bought a one-way plane ticket to Hawaii without hesitating?) He has worked shift work, 12 hour days and continues to work hard labor.  These three weeks he took off to come to Hawaii was the longest he has ever had off work in over 35 years.  He threw us a perfect wedding and supported any decision mom and I came up with, “sounds perfect to me!”

Mom and dad taught us to be kind, to be respectful and that there is no reason to not be having fun at all times.  I forgot how much my parents had drilled into us that we make our own happiness.  No reason to ever freak out, no reason to pout and feel sorry for yourself, and no reason not to open your home to show others what it is like to really love.  I really saw this when they were here.  Our family gets asked a lot, “Why are you so happy all the time?!”  Our response, “Why not?!”  You have to make a choice when something doesn’t go right.  How you approach each day is a choice.  And if you ask my dad on any given day how he is he will say, “This is the best day ever!”

I think that somewhere in those 3 weeks he was here he really did have his best day ever 😉


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