$8 For a Box of Cereal. Sheesh.

I need to blog. Obviously.  But I was having trouble with what to start with.  Here were some of my openers that I decided to can.  You can thank me for not taking you down some of these roads…

Terrible Blog Openers:

  • I went to buy cereal today and the box I wanted was $8.  For one box.  So I opted for the $3.99 box and when I opened it, it had about 3 bowls worth of organic stuff.
  • I’ve discovered I have a severe fear of cleaning turtle tanks.  I cry/gag the whole time.
  • I can finally do real push-ups.  Not the woman kind on your knees.  And I make Chris watch me do them so I have someone who can vouch for me.  ‘Cause no one is going to believe I can do real push-ups.  It’s rather sad that I yell, “Chris! Watch me do it!  Look, Ill do it again!”  Totally a 5 year old.  I am waiting for the day he has stickers to reward me with.  I just hope they are scratch and sniff.
  • One night I had too many Mai Tais and upon entering the restroom a really nice Australian woman said, There isn’t any toilet paper in there.  Use this.”  In which I responded, “Why thank you very much” in a British accent.  I have no idea why.  It was terrible.  I am ashamed.

Thanks for suffering through those.  Now on to the real blog 🙂

WEDDING UPDATE:  I haven’t hit bridezilla mode.  Which, I’m not sure I have any type of “zilla” in me (unless Prednizone is involved).  The wedding invites have been printed, the cake tasting was as wonderful as I had imagined (oh yeah, 3 flavors: chocolate hazelnut crunch, macadamia nut coconut pineapple, and strawberry guava.  All ingredients are locally grown and organic) and I finally found shoes that I love.  There were 4 more plane tickets purchased which sends me over the moon.  I honestly didn’t think anyone would come.  Seriously.  Not that I didn’t think people wanted to be there but Hawaii isn’t the cheapest place to visit.  Luckily when flights dropped to $500 RT people worked together to share condos.  So most of the guests are spending around $750 for flight and condo for a week in Hawaii.  And I love that each condo has a great mix of people.  We are SO BLESSED.  We are right on the cusp of ordering another table at the reception.


We saw there was an airshow called the Biggest Little Airshow out at Ford Island.  Museum? Flying? Let me grab my purse…

There were lots of really cool vendors. Loved this!

So cute!

Very cool plane. (That is all I got. Chris can tell you more)


Bell AH-1S Cobra

Looks straight out of MASH?

The pit

Loved some of the Hawaiian paint jobs on the birds.

I sang "Highway to the Danger Zone" the entire time we were in here.

Talk to me Goose



I don't know what is cooler... the mannequin or me in my sweet sneakers. Comfortable shoes are key when touring museums. I wore something similar to the Grand Ole Opry and my friends made fun of me relentlessly.

Robotics pool. Kids made their own underwater robots then got to test them out!

Kids making their robots

If only you could hear his sweet gun noises he was making.

This is what they meant by Biggest Little Air Show. Haha but so cool!

I asked Chris if we could get one.

Flyin' high

On a different Sunday Funday we took John and Raquel to one of our favorite spots.  We call it the telephone pole.

John and I relaxing in the water (Who am I kidding. It was totally a who can float better contest)

The telephone pole

John winding up





I gave it a 8.7

Lovin life

I'm going to say this guy was not so lucky

Does it get any more beautiful?

Over the holiday weekend we decided to actually turn the cell phones to silent.  Even though we work from home, we still haven’t had any days off without at least checking and responding to emails.  Weekends included.  So Labor Day weekend we decided to take one day for just pure fun.  And this is what we did…

Started the day with a hike out to Kaena Point

We made it! The western tip of Oahu!

Enjoying our packed lunches and lots of water...

Looking south

Looking north

After our long hiking adventure we headed to North Shore and found our own shady spot near Shark's Cove

We watched the sunset as we read our new thift store books.

I found this gem for $2.

Then we did a little snorkeling right as the sun was going down.

Then we ended our day with our favorite thing in Kailua. The $6 steak plate. Deeelish.

I hope you felt like you were here with us.  And hopefully you aren’t craving steak plates and strawberry guava cake.  But if you are… there is only 42 days left until the Courtney wedding.  But who’s counting??


6 thoughts on “$8 For a Box of Cereal. Sheesh.

  1. 1. Dump that dang turtle in the ocean.
    2. I wanna go to the telephone pole.
    3. I want another plate lunch with the shrimp…best I had the whole time I was there.
    4. If only I knew how to do it, I would so put up the video of you dancing to
    “Everybody dance Now” in kindergarten.
    5. Can’t wait to get back over there! Love you guys!

  2. I love looking at all ur pics and reading all ur posts! It makes me want to come back to hawaii so bad! Hope all is well with u chica! 🙂

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