IIIII Wish You Were Here

Sooo… wondering what we have been up to lately?  Work stuff can be boring so I won’t go into details on that although it has been very exciting for us.  Our business has opened so many doors for us.  New friends, new ideas, new life.  And as we talk more and more about the future of the Courtney family we have so many cool ideas for places to live, things to do, etc.  Recently we have been talking about how much we have changed as individuals and as a couple.  And how our discussions about the future are quite different than before.

Removing ourselves from our past environment has made a lot of things clearer.  For example, I recently brought up what kind of vehicle we will want to purchase once we have a baby.  (Don’t even act surprised I would bring that up).  Let me back up to give you a reference point.  Once I got my first job out of college I did what I was warned not to do…. I bought a brand new car.  And not just a car, a SUV.  I could afford the payments and it was what my environment told me was acceptable and almost expected of me.  When I met Chris he wasn’t surprised I bought a new car but the fact that it was an SUV when I didn’t use it for camping or hauling a trailer or kids.  My only explanation was it was cool and I wanted it. And everyone else is doing it, darn it! Wow, my decision making process was pretty good, eh?  Fast forward to now.  Now that we are talking about potential babies and a vehicle, we don’t feel the pressure to do the things we thought were normal.  Buy a house.  Buy a SUV.  It is what you do.  I guess because we have made such a drastic leap between a 4 bedroom house to a studio.  From two new cars to a shared 6 year old car.  From a dishwasher to calling myself a dishwasher.  And I am a bijillion times happier.  Of course, we know the benefits of having a larger vehicle for when Baby C joins our crazy clan.  Don’t think I am turning full-on hippie or anything.  But my thought process is more of what makes sense than what the Jones’s are doing.  I feel like that is a difficult step sometimes.  And I’ve always had my mom-eye on a white Lexus SUV but now I’m starting to think a Prius looks pretty darn cool.  Think I can shove a stroller in the back of that?

Okay, enough of me talking about how I’ve come through the “expectations” barrier… let’s get to the goooood stuff.

First night in our new place. Pizza and wine? Absolutely.

Exhausted from the move.

4th of July fireworks on Kailua Beach!

Fireworks over the ocean.

Just another thing Chris tried to bring home. I mean, he had some good arguments in terms of ease of use.

Sunday Funday's usually consist of Bellow Beach, body boarding and grilling.

As an engagement present we were given a gift card to a fancy restaurant called Roy's. We had an absolute blast pretending to be in with the "it crowd". Seriously I think I laughed for 2 straight hours. I love good date nights.

I chose the wine pairing option. Let's just say by my 4th glass of wine I was telling the waiter how this was the best food I had ever ate. And I almost high fived him. Yep. Almost did that.

Other than Chris’s jokes keeping me laughing, one of our 18 waiters brought a plate to me with what looked like two Tums.  He then poured hot water on them and they grew into wet towels.  I absolutely lost it.  1. Because I thought they were bringing me Tums 2. Because that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen 3.  It reminded me of the dinosaurs I gave my nephew that grew when you put them in the bathtub and 4. Because it was… umm… very phallic.  In which I turned to Chris and asked what was up with the penis towels.  Yes, I said it.  At this restaurant.  Give me break though… I was 3 glasses of wine in.

On our way to a music festival, I am reading and Chris says, “Craft Festival?!” sarcastically.  My head pops up with wide eyes, “Craft Festival?!?!”  And Chris does a u-turn.  This craft festival had so many adorable things.  But the only picture I have is of what Chris tried his best to talk me into…

Yep. An old school Oster juicer. It even had the original instructions! Haha oh Chris... you know a good find when you see one!

Once I managed to leave the craft festival juicer-free… we headed to the music festival!

At the 2011 Gabby Pahinui Waimanalo Kanikapila. We joined in the fund raising efforts for the Hawai’i Museum of Music and Dance.

Hawaii Conservationists Tent

Loving the ocean on one side, mountains on the other and great music in the middle.

Body surfing to the music


The Stage- each band played 2-3 songs

The Gabby Pahinui

Christopher chillin by the trees. We are shadow stalkers. And even though we were in the shade all day we still got incredibly burnt.

I saw a little boy with his first cotton candy. All he could do was smile and stare at it. He was basically shaking with excitement.

Loved the vendors

Beautiful mountains in the background

After about 3 hours we headed to the beach to watch the waves come in and let the music drift our way.

This is our complex measuring system for a potential couch or futon.

We try and have breakfast out on our patio as much as possible.

Monopoly night with John and Raquel at their amazing downtown condo! Check out those city lights out the window. It was my first time playing (I know, I know) and we had a blast. And if John tries to tell you I cheated... he's a liar.

For Sunday Funday we went to Pokai Bay where we witnessed a baptism. What a cool place to get baptized.

Pokai Bay on the leeward side of the island.

And now… the best thing we have done all month.  THE INCUBUS CONCERT!  Chris got tickets for his birthday from my parents because he LOVES Incubus.  To say it was my favorite concert ever would be an understatement (although Foo Fighters and front row at Metallica were pretty sweet).  We got there early and staked out our spot in basically the front row of general admission.  I locked eyes with Brandon, Mike, DJ Kil, Ben and Jose and they all asked me to marry them.  At least I’m pretty sure that is what happened.  It was such a blur.  I have always liked Incubus but Chris has really got me into them.  He is always strumming along with their albums.  And even though people arent crazy about the new album, I love it.  And can sing every song.  And I did.

Waiting in line to get into the concert. Ocean on one side...stage on the other.

Hellllooo stage. Chris was about to lose his mind.

Hoping they will play Isadore from the new album. It is my favorite... and they did!

Taking a break from head banging, dancing and singing. Notice the creeper in the back.

We met up with Brian and Katie. Brian and I went to Butler together. Small world, small island!

Rockin' out

Every song, everyone knew, everyone sang.

Okay, so this recording isn’t the best in the world.  Apparently the crowd was tone-deaf.  Buuuut I love this nonetheless. 🙂


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