See You in the Morning, See You in the Evening, See You at Supper Time

When I was growing up every night my mom and I would sing this same little song right before she closed the door and I had to go to sleep.  I can still see her standing in my bedroom door.  The little song went:

“See you in the morning, see you in the evening, see you at supper time.  And lunch time, afternoon, and next night-night time, goodnight, love you.”  Okay, so the first part was little song and because I was quite the thorough child I added the whole “lunch time…love you” part because technically I would see her all day and the song didn’t make sense without it.  At least that is what I reasoned at the time and of course my mom went along with it.  And now for the first time in years… this song actually was applicable to me and my Mom again.

It has been 1 week since my mother flew back to the blistering heat of Indiana.  And I can’t even describe how much I miss her.  We had an absolute blast the entire time she was here.  We ate more food in 2 weeks than I think I have in 6 months (and we know I love to eat).  Everything went super smooth with wedding planning.  And we got to show her the wonders of Hawaii.  There is so much that happened that I am afraid I will hit the max word count for a blog post.  So I will do my best to summarize.

Mom and I with our daiquiris after picking her up from the airport. I'll let you try and figure out what is going on here.

A beautiful double rainbow the first time Mom stepped foot on the beach 🙂

Since Chris and I still had to work those 2 weeks we had a pretty slick system.  Every morning we would all wake up in our tiny little studio (yes… mom, daughter and fiance), make coffee and start working.  Mom would bust out the wedding bible and cell phone and start making calls.   Chris and I would be on separate conference calls and then whenever there was a wedding appointment Mom and I would jump in the little silver car, hug our new vendor (because that is what you do in Hawaii…you hug and I LOVE it), discuss the details, sign a contract (usually after Chris read them first), sign a check and we would be on the road again.   Every vendor we loved.

If you think this isn't full then you haven't met my mother.

Our typical morning. Kona Coffee and working. Or in Mom's case... wedding planning.

Now let me just say…without Mom’s super organization and great ideas, I don’t know how we could have accomplished everything.  She is a woman with a plan.  Now she isn’t mean or demanding but when it came to what we wanted there was no way someone was going to convince us otherwise.  Since the wedding and reception are all outdoors, we basically have a huge blank canvas to work with.  And boy did we have fun with it.  When we met with the tent people who do the chairs, tables, linens, tent, etc.  Mom already had everything written out that we needed.  Of course, the lady sees me as a potential sucker and tried to upsell us on stuff.  However, I looked at her as if she had 3 heads when she tried to sell us a different white chair that was double the price just because it had a butt pad.  I sat in both to humor her and she said, “See!  Isn’t it a huge difference??!!”  I almost choked trying not to laugh.  “Ummm…. actually… no… I’m gonna say go with the cheaper one.”  She stopped trying to sell us on things quickly.  Probably because Mom was already on to the next thing we needed.  Oh and you all are going to be dancing all night anyways… bring your own butt pad if you see it necessary 😉

Well, then again you may need a butt pad because after this delicious Hawaiian cuisine, you may not be able to get up. Our caterer is AMAZING! We hung out with him for awhile. I can't wait for you all to try this food.

Side note: Speaking of food... Here are the infamous Puka Dogs! Mom LOVED them, as expected!

We have decided to go full on Hawaiian wedding.  We have an awesome Hawaiian DJ, Hawaiian minister, beautiful tropical flowers and the best dang Hawaiian food you can find (as seen above).  When we went to show Mom the venue, they had made significant changes and upgrades since we were there last.  Our jaws dropped in awe at how gorgeous this place was.  I started getting goosebumps thinking about Chris standing out by the sand waiting for me.  Holy moly!  I get to marry the sexiest, smartest and most hilarious man in the world on this beach!   There they go, goosebumps again.

This is the only sneek peak photo of the wedding venue I am sharing prior to the wedding. I picked this one because it doesn't give much away 🙂 But I will say that Mom and I were headed out to the ceremony site!

When we weren’t running around looking at flowers and choosing table clothes, we were exploring Hawaii.  I was so excited to show Mom all the places Chris and I go to all the time.  It is one thing to describe it to someone but it is the best feeling to watch them experience for themselves.  I think the coolest part for me is that my parents have done unbelievable things to support whatever I wanted to do.  I have traveled around the world, went to a prestigious private college and now get to live in Hawaii.  Trust me, I do not take it for granted at all.  If my dad hadn’t worked so hard all these years, I couldn’t have done any of it.  If my mom hadn’t pushed me so hard to step outside my comfort zone, I would still be trapped in it.  And the neat part is that I can now give back to my parents.  My mom gets to come to Hawaii twice in one year.  Dad gets to spend 3 weeks in his paradise.  And I hope this is just the beginning.  My goal in life is give back even a fraction of what my parents gave me.

I love seeing her this happy...

Of course we hit the famous Giovanni's Shrimp Truck. It is really close to Turtle Bay so our wedding guests will most likely up here a few times.

Anyways, back to Mama G takes on Hawaii.  We pretty much covered everything from sunset at Shark’s Cove, to the Spitting Caves to Mai Tais on Waikiki beach.  We also got to introduce her to our bff’s John and Raquel.  We were introduced to them through my friend Amanda.  Amanda and I were roommates in college and she is such a dear friend of mine.  She grew up with Raquel in New York and when she heard we would be here at the same time she connected us.  After, of course, she said, “Why are all my friends moving to Hawaii!??!” Haha.  I cannot say enough about John and Raquel.  John is completing a clerkship for a federal judge and graduated as #1 in his law class at St Johns (undergrad Cornell). Raquel is finishing her PhD in history (focus on Laitn American history generally and Cuban/Spanish Caribbean history more specifically) at Stony Brook University (undergrad Columbia).  Yeah… total smarty pants and they are probably the nicest, coolest, most awesome-est (yeah I’m using these adjectives right now) people we know.  Every time Chris and I go somewhere one of us says, “text John and Raquel.”  So the four of use introduced Mom to Sunday-Funday at the beach and we ended up going to J&R’s for a dinner and hot tub twice while she was here.  She was happy to finally meet the couple we rave about all the time.  And don’t worry, I am sure I will blog about them again.  This is just their introduction to the blog.

Introducing John and Raquel!

Chris, I mean, Garcon pouring the wine at our at home wine tasting night.

The selection for the evening. We kept Mom's boxed wine in the fridge. She doesn't share that stuff.

While Mom was here Chris turned… wait for it…. wait for it… 30!  Da big 3-0!  Now I know he looks younger than I am at my youthful 25 but he in fact reached a birthday milestone.  And we celebrated 🙂

The best part of waking up- Coco Puffs! Delish!

All of Chris's friends and family sent the most hilarious and sweetest cards. It was so fun for him to open them up on his birthday. It was a little piece of home.

Checkin' out his new body board. Now he can play with the big boys in the big waves.

A WONDERFUL birthday dinner at Divino's

JOhn and Raquel dancing to Brown Eyed Girl

Having a blast listening to the band.

You are probably wondering if there were any times we got frustrated at each other.  And we actually didn’t!  1.  Wedding planning for us isn’t about the event itself, it is about Chris and I being so head over heels in love that wedding details are fun and not stressful.  Have I mentioned how much I adore this man??  2.  Chris let us have our mother-daughter time.  He woke up early and surprised us with homemade breakfast, came up with cool places to take us to eat and said a lot of “whatever you two want” whenever we’d ask him something.  The only thing he has said about the wedding is “if you don’t mind… can we have short centerpieces?  I can’t stand those big tall things, you can’t see across the table and people are always ducking around it trying to talk.”  Done.  Green light on the small centerpieces.  All systems are a GO.  3.  We still had to work.  Mom told us she thinks we work too much and we need to walk away from the computer.  She is right… but someone’s gotta pay this ridiculous rent and $4 gallons of milk 😉

But we still got to do this…

Kailua Farmer's Market!

Hey Chris, how do you feel about all the food we have been eating?

Quick trip to Sam's Club. We just had to do it...

Manapua! So good. Trying new things!

Took a scenic ride.

This map was actually pretty helpful to tell mom where we were and where we were headed.

If you were wondering... yes, we know where all the "real" celebrities live. Bow wow.

Spitting Cave- our favorite hidden treasure.

Shopping at the Swap Meet! Check out our new bracelets. (PS What do you think about my new headband? I think it screams hippie/pirate/trendy for babies. No?)

Waimea Falls!

My awesome fiance carrying all the stuff Mom and I bought. If that isn't love and support, I don't know is! Ha

Those 2 weeks were probably the fastest 2 weeks of my life.  I can’t imagine how fast our wedding week will go.  But based off Mom’s superior planning… I am just excited to enjoy it.  Now you and I both know I am leaving out a ton of things.  But just know that those 2 weeks were 2 weeks I will never ever forget.  There is something special about your mom flying half way across the world with your wedding dress, drinking Kona coffee and eating pineapple planning the most important day of your life.  If that isn’t almost magical, then I don’t know what is.

Love you Mom! See ya in a couple months 🙂


6 thoughts on “See You in the Morning, See You in the Evening, See You at Supper Time

  1. Every blog you have I cry………stop it! Glad you are happy & everything is working out for you. Let your mom know I am with her on the box wine. Can’t share the box wine….there is not enough to go around. 😉

  2. wow!!! I absolutely LOVE following your blogs!! I cried so hard looking at pics of you & your amazing Mama – she is a Fab lady!! I am so happy for you and Chris!! 😉

    • I always thought my mom made it up. Mom thinks it was part of a real song but we haven’t been able to find it anywhere. We liked to change words and make up our own versions growing up. 🙂

      • I stumbled across your blog while looking for more info on that song your mom sang to you. My used to sing me the same one, but it went “See you in the morning, see you in the evening, see you at supper time. Be my little darling and I’ll love you all the time”. My dad told me it was part of a real song but I can’t seem to find it. Let me know if you find anything more out!

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