It’s the Little Things

This week I started making mental notes about all the little things that make me happy even when I don’t realize it.  Don’t get me wrong, even when I lived in Indiana and had a crazy hectic schedule I still looked for the little things to make me happy.  I’ve never been much of the superficial type but sometimes it is hard to take in even the smallest things around you. But here I seem to have a deeper sense of clarity.  It’s maybe because Chris and I have had some very serious conversations as of late.  We’ve talked about not only where we want to raise children but what values are important to us and how can we instill them in our children.  Private schools vs public school.  Culture and diversity.  World travel.  No sense of entitlement.  And the list goes on.  Some things we agree on and others can cause quite the debate.  But it has also made me become more aware of how important it is to share in the small things God has given us to appreciate.  And how much I want to show these things to my future children.  I am sooooo lucky to have been raised by my wonderful parents and that Chris also has incredible parents.  So what I am getting at is… I am trying to take in life as it flies at me and create a beautiful picture of the world for our future kids.  And no Donna I am not pregnant 🙂

Here are some of favorite things and a glimpse into my little life.

1.  Leaving all the windows and even the front door open all day and night.  We have officially been spoiled by the tradewinds.  We went into a restaurant last week that had air conditioning and both of us were freezing and I thought I was coming down with a cold.  A little dramatic on my part to think I was instantly sick but it made me happy to come home to our breezy home.

2. Being barefoot.  I don’t remember the last time I wore heels.  I used to wear them every day.  I looove wearing heels but I am enjoying my shoe-less lifestyle.  I also started to notice that the sand has been wearing off my toenail polish quickly.  Looking at my toes remind me of all the walks on the beach and swimming in the ocean.

3.  There are flowers EVERYWHERE. The air is a mix of flowers and the ocean.  Every tree or bush has a beautiful flower.  How could any other place on earth compete with this natural beauty.

4.  Beach bars. Chris and I went to play pool last night at this beach bar.  It had such a diverse crowd.  After Chris and I had our fill of pool we decided to do a little people watching.  No one was dressed up.  Everyone is wearing cut off jeans, tank tops with swim suits peeking out.  Except for the 75 year old cowboy who wandered around the bar in his huge cowboy hat and thin leather belt.  The bouncer was a very large local who was pop and lockin’ it to the music.  Tattoos and sand were everywhere and we even got entertained by a couple military guys who created a dance floor with two gals who might have had too much to drink.  They were busting all sorts of dance moves I have never seen.  I love it here.

One of our first dates ended up with him trying to teach me how to play pool. I was so nervous around him that I could barely hit the cue ball.

5. Slow dancing.   Chris loves to dance with me.  Which makes me so happy I could burst.  We sometimes dance alone in our room.  Once we were at a mini family reunion back in Indiana and my relatives were playing live bluegrass music.  Chris had never met any of them and asked me to dance with him on the dance floor when no one else was dancing.  I can remember exactly how I felt then.  When we were at a luau when Maggie and Heather were in town he grabbed my hand and danced with me when they invited people to dance in the aisles.  He makes me feel like no one else matters.

Dancing at the luau.

6.  Self empowerment.  Yesterday was overcast and even though it could rain at any moment I decided I needed to go run.  Maybe it was because the sun wasn’t beating down on me but I ran the longest and fastest than I ever had before.  As I ran up the stairs to our home I was screaming for Chris.  Mark asked what happened and I was jumping around the room telling him how far I had ran.  He seemed really confused because to anyone with two legs it wasn’t much.  But for me, I had finished a marathon.  I felt like I could take on the world.  Maybe just my small world but a world nonetheless.

Just got back from a run! It's not sweat... it's my natural sparkle.

7.  Nerding out.   Chris and I are on the final 5 episodes of Star trek Deep Space Nine.  I am to the point that I talk back to the show which causes Chris to laugh hysterically that I am so into a show like this. I love that I can be into whatever I want with no judgement from anyone.

8.  Making mistakes.  I am a little bit clumsy.  I am a deep thinker so when I am off in my own world I don’t pay much attention to whatever I am doing.  For instance, when I talk about serious topics when driving I almost cause car accidents.  I knock over drinks at dinner.  I burn a lot of food.  I pretty much make huge messes that could have been avoided if I was watching what I was doing.  But I love that I can continue to do these things and every time it causes Chris and I to laugh and make fun of it.  Instead of Chris getting mad that I almost burnt the house down, he took a picture and put it on Facebook for everyone else who knows me well.

So the wind blew the paper towels over onto a burner when I wasn't paying attention. No big deal.

9. Anything relating to kids.  I can’t pass a lemonade stand.  There could be sand in the lemonade and I would buy it.  I made Chris turn the car around and cause a major street block to buy icecream I can’t have.  Chris said it was delicious.  It was worth it to me to watch the little girl put my quarters in the Fisher Price cash register.

How could you not do a U-turn for this??

One happy gal. Even though the icecream is for Chris.

10.  Not blow drying my hair.  Most days I don’t put on makeup.  My new year-round tan is enough for me.  And air drying my hair makes me happy.  Who would have thought??

11.  Friends becoming family.  Our crazy roommate Mark has become like a brother to me.  Chris has been calling me mama bear because I am constantly protective over Mark and love planning “family outings”.  I love taking care of people and even though Mark doesn’t need me to “mother” him.  I try to.   He gets out of the Marines later this month and leaves for San Francisco on July 3rd.  I came home to find Mark cleaning out his stuff from the hall closet.  I immediately started crying and had to excuse myself to the shower so I could cry it out.  I get very attached to people close to me and I can’t believe he is leaving in less than a month.  I forget what we were yelling at each other for (in a joking way) and he said, “You aren’t my real mom!” and I said, “Well, I am your fake mother and you have to listen to me!”  🙂  I am really going to miss him.

Crazy Mark on his mountain board.

12.  Thunderstorms.  We live close to the mountains so the first time I heard thunder here I thought it was the end of times.  Our walls are cardboard and the thunder echoes so loudly off the mountains I thought Thor himself was in the next room.  But it is just a reminder of how small we are and how powerful God is.  I almost had to cancel a Skype business call because even the sound of rain is so loud in our room it makes it hard to hear.  It’s quite amazing though.

13.  Private beaches.  There is a stretch of beach along the coast up to North Shore that I love to stop at with Chris.  For those afternoons, Chris and I have our own private beach and it is both romantic and serene.  Mmmm….

Our own paradise in paradise.

Waiting for my fiance to join me.


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