Whadaweek, Whadalife

Oh boy.  It has been an amazing and emotional week for Miss Gillespie (soon-to-be Mrs. Courtney).  This week, flight prices almost cut in half which caused a ripple effect of our friends and family booking tickets to Hawai`i for the wedding.  Every time someone new booked a ticket I would jump up and down screaming.  Chris even started jumping on the bed at one point.  I don’t know if he was just as excited or mocking me.  Up until recently I didn’t think my friend Molly was going to make it.  When she booked her ticket I started crying.  I couldn’t believe all of my friends were actually going to make it to the wedding!

Facebook was blowing up with comments, my phone was lighting up every hour with texts asking for the flight info and my email was flooding as people forwarded their flight confirmations.  The best part is that most people jump aboard the “Party Plane” in Indy leaving at 5:45am.  They then touch down in Phoenix to pick up more of our rowdy friends and then head across the Pacific to Hawai`i!  I can already picture them screaming as they run to baggage claim.

So, what does this mean? I have to plan this wedding!!!  There is definite pressure for me to pull this off right.  Especially now that ALL MY BEST FRIENDS WILL BE THERE! But thankfully my mom is coming out for two weeks in July to help plan every thing and I have my friends on gChat standby (Lauren) to help me with my wedding crises.   And we are really starting to see our vision of the wedding coming together!  I just can’t wait to walk down the aisle to my future husband at Loulu Palm Estate.  <- Click there to see the location.

Gorgeous flowers

Checking out different vendors

I am really going to be a BRIDE!

(Disclaimer: those photos are about 3 months old. But I just found them on one of Chris’s hard drives)

I’ve also been trying to get healthier.  I’ve been doing okay with my running but it isn’t something that comes easy to me… at all.  My dad was an all-state, super hero runner.  Christina still runs about 5 miles a day and Brittany runs collegiate track and cross country.  So… running is in my blood right?  Wrong.  Pre-diabetes and extreme Asthma runs rampant in my blood.  Does that make me the runt of the family??  If so, I am glad my mother didn’t smother me at birth.  Although, they could have saved a lot on health insurance.  What other brides may try (like that whole not eating thing) doesn’t work out so well for me.  And Chris likes to keep trips to the hospital as minimal as possible.  So when I say “healthier” I really mean it.  And I’ve been doing well!  Chris takes my self-image up at least 5 notches just because he makes me feel like a rock star.  When I come home from a run I feel like I have really accomplished something.  Sure, I had to walk several times and I coughed a lot but I did it.  And for the first time in my life I am starting to feel proud of my body.  It is doing things that my 1st grade gym teacher told me I could never do.

Chris came with me one evening to snap a few photos of the path I run on.  This is where I do a lot thinking, praying and making up choreography to Beyonce.

The start of a new ____.

Dusk approaches

We're never alone...

Where I begin to understand myself. At least a bit better than before.

I recently have been doing the Insanity workout videos.  I will do them in our room while Chris is working.  I pray to God he doesn’t turn around when doing some of it.  It’s like pooping.  You never want your significant other to see you poop.  And you never want them to see you doing squats with the most horrified look on your face.  Sexy.  But every now and then he will turn around because I’m yelling at the instructor telling him “YOU ARE CRAZY!  I CAN’T FEEL MY LEGS!”  That’s when Chris chimes in with his “DIG DEEPER, ALICIA!”  Not helping.  But at least I get an ab workout from laughing at him pretending to be Billy Blanks.  Only he is a white version… a much, much whiter version.

I will try to keep you all in the loop with our wedding planning, healthy lifestyle (guess who eats salad now without calling it rabbit food??  This girl), our sand-filled adventures and our ridiculous life together.

Hmm… this blog post wasn’t too hard to write given my earlier conversation with Chris:

“Chris, what is the word for your repertoire of words??”

“Ummm… your vocabulary?  Something you are clearly lacking today.”

Just another day in paradise.


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