Rainbow Connection

On our way up to North Shore to celebrate Thanksgiving we saw the most BEAUTIFUL rainbow.  Not just one of those halfsies either.  A complete rainbow across the sky.  AND we even drove right past the end of it… Now we didnt find a pot of gold or anything but passing a rainbow and seeing it from both sides is simply amazing.

Our Thanksgiving up at North Shore was so much fun.  My friend Katie from Butler invited us up to the most gorgeous home.  It was right on the beach, had a circular living room that faced the water and you could see the ocean crashing down right below.  The backyard had a beautiful pool, corn hole set, hammock, tables set up for the feast and tons of friends from all over the world.

I talked to a couple from Ireland about the trip Chris and I plan to take someday (they said the name Gillespie is a more common Irish name than Courtney BUT Chris looks very Irish and would be easily confused as a local).

We played pool and beer pong with some Norwegians we met and while I loved their accents, they wanted us to talk with a southern accent because we were from Indiana 🙂 And Espen played “The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers for us and he knew every word.  I wish I had a video of that.

Looking around the room I knew this is exactly what I’ve alway wanted.  People from all over the world hanging out, laughing and sharing a Thanksgiving feast.  Some of them will probably read this and think I am being very corny but I don’t know how else to say that this Thanksgiving was full of the reasons why I know we made the right decision to be here.

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