New Digs

We no longer live in hotels!  We moved in yesterday to our new home in Kailua and we couldn’t be more thrilled.  It is in a great location and exactly what we were looking for.

We took a while to check out the entire island and ask locals and friends who live here the pros and cons to each area.  Most everyone recommended Kailua and we definitely know why.  The beaches are some of the best in the world, it’s friendly with a local flavor, great outdoor activities and some awesome food.  I am grateful that we went grocery shopping though.  I wore a skirt the first day here that no longer fits due all the eating out we’ve been doing.  (Don’t worry it was only a mini melt down).  I love how most businesses are local and there are farmers markets are on Thursdays.  There is a Walgreens but protesters are outside constantly.  I heard Walgreens flew over people to build it instead of using local workers and that did not fly at all.  There are also rallies against Target coming to Kailua.  I understand why BUUUUT its TARGET!  I guess I’ll just have to drive the 20 minutes to the next town for my Target fixes 😉

Apartment complexes are mainly downtown and since we wanted to live outside the city apartments were very few.  The majority of housing is renting a room/rooms in a house.  There also arent subdivisions like Indiana.  The best way we have described it to people is more like Florida, no 2-story brick homes or big homes with verandas.  And we love it.  Island living is quite perfect for us.  We are renting a room in a two bedroom home with another couple.  The husband is a marine and the wife is in school.  They are super fun and have two adorable dogs.  And… I haven’t had an allergic reaction yet!  Woohooo!  Things are lookin’  good 🙂

So far we have a bed and desk and we are picking up an Ikea dresser tomorrow.  I will post pics of the inside once its more than just a bed/desk and random stuff on the floor.  We also have an amazing view of the mountains out our bedroom window.  Each day we get more finished like setting up bank accounts, several trips to the store because we need more hangers, then back to the store for chip clips… needless to say, this island life is the life for….us.

Loading up the car for the last time and saying goodbye to the Waikiki Gateway Hotel.

Lock and load little lizard.

Our New House!

We went with Joelle and Mark to get a Christmas tree! So weird buying a tree in shorts and t-shirts.

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