E Komo Mai!


We made it!  It has been such an amazing journey so far.  Each day I realize a little bit more that Chris and I are meant to be.  Our flights went seamlessly and we even met another guy from Indy who was moving the Hawaii.  He sat next to us on the plane and I asked how long he was staying and he said “Well, hopefully a long time… we’ll see how this goes!”  So we already found another Colts fan to watch the games with!

There is just so much to fill you all in on the past week.  But I will do my best to give a quick summary.  We have had so many texts and emails asking how its coming and not enough time to respond.

So basically– here is our past week in a nutshell:

I drove all around the island...

...while Chris used one phone to call potential places to live and the other to navigate to our next destination. (or check Facebook)

We'd stop every now and then just to walk along the beaches...which were amazing!

Then it was back to Starbucks or McDonalds so Chris could find more potential places to live and for me to give thumbs up or down while getting wired off coffee. This happened several times each day.

Then back to the open road to check out more places to live.

We took over 351 pics (yes my math friends, that means 352) and they dont give the beauty justice.

Once we started to get tired...we would head back to hotel we were staying at...

We'd grab some fatty foods-- fast food, local joints, meet up with friends (Katie took us to an awesome Italian joint that was BYOB & Saul and his friends took us to Dukes right on the beach).

The next morning we'd load up all our stuff and check out of our hotel juuuust in case we found a place to live that day. (yes those are cinderblock walls)

We became better at fitting all our luggage after the 4th time loading it up... this time was a litttttle rough. But it fit!

Id check out and talk to my mom in the few minutes I had between the check out counter and our car... then we would do it all over again!

It has been such an amazing journey so far!

We also laughed a million times each day.  When we checked into the hotel the valet guy had to write down our license plate number.  He looked really confused with the Indiana plate.  So Chris says in a southern accent “I think we took a wrong turn… know how to get to Cincinnata?!”

We saw a rainbow and a hooker (both beautiful) and have eaten way too much.

I’ve went on a few interviews.  If you follow us on Facebook you might have seen my comment about changing into my dress for my interview in a McDonalds  bathroom. Classy lady right here 🙂  But you gotta do what ya gotta do when you don’t have a permanent home and you cant check into your next hotel until 3pm.  I also didnt pack the right pumps so I got some new shoes out of my packing mishap *BONUS*!

And…. we found a place to call HOME!  Hooray!  We decided on Kailua.  It is a beautiful place and I still cant believe we are here. Beautiful island, amazing man and one heck of a story to write…

8 thoughts on “E Komo Mai!

  1. YAY! So happy you guys found a place to call home! Good luck settling in — I expect more photo documentation. 🙂 Love and miss you!

  2. So glad you guys found a home! Although the aimless driving and looking-for-somewhere-to-live seems like a wonderful series of impromptu little journeys 🙂 Can’t wait to read and see more about your lives. Miss you already!

  3. PLEASE let me ghostwrite this book… It will be a number one top seller! I’ll give you 40 percent 🙂 just dont’ tell Chris cuz we’re not splitting the money with him!

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