We Didnt Have to Send the Flares: They came on their own

Alright Jaime, Lauren, Eileen and all of you who have asked me to get another post up.  The reason for the delay is we are officially 5 days away from hopping a plane.  The past two months have been so crazy.  We’ve been working out details for far longer than 2 months but once we “went public” with our plans the chaos ensued!

Without our amazing families and friends I dont know how I would have stayed sane through out all this.  Without Eileen to vent about work frustrations, Jaime to help me organize for the yard sale and my mom for sitting there while I rambling on and on about my endless task list….

Crap… now that I have started naming names I should really start to give all the people credit who have helped us out.  I know we have tons of people to give virtual high-fives to but here are a few:

  • My cousin Leann for allowing us to use her restaurant for our going away party
  • Ashley H. & Andrea G. for their encouraging Tweets and Facebook messages
  • John B. for offering to let us use his truck to move things and asking his connections if they know of possible job ops for me
  • Eileen (too much to put here: planning the going away party, calling, texting, encouraging EVERYDAY)
  • Tom & Donna for “leaving” a car in our parking lot so we both had a car the last 2 weeks
  • Steph & Pape for taking furniture off our hands
  • My mother. For sanity, unconditional encouragement, long phones, short phone calls, and on and on…
  • Amanda P. for putting us in touch with her friend who just moved out there, Brandon L. for introducing us to his friend out there, my Make-A-Wish family for putting me in touch with the chapter in HI, Chuck C. for passing my resume to his contact there
  • Molly for her gChats
  • My sister Brittany for driving across town whenever I was sad about missing Christmas with the family… “Welp, we have to grow up sometime Alicia”
  • And our parents who have offered to spend the first Saturday after we leave re-painting our apartment. (Of course they will drink wine, celebrate Donna’s big birthday! and maybe shed a few tears)

There are countless others who have made this move possible… from the emotional support to the helping us move out the big furniture.  But here are a few pics from our last week here and all the great things people did for us.

The Chamness family invited us over Sunday for chili, the Colt's game and this great "Good Luck" cake. I don't know what I would have done without them the past 5 years!

Monday night Jaime came over to help me pack. But no matter how hard we tried we just couldn't get her to fit in the suitcase.

This is the aftermath of a great night with Amanda Dean. She brought us pizza, UNO, luggage tags and his/her iTunes giftcards! So thoughtful. We let her use our lone wine glass we kept for "special occasions" like this one.

Kelso takin' a break from all the packing.

Wednesday night Molly and Stephanie made fajitas and mexican rice for us. AND even brought sugar free cookies for me and Milano cookies for Chris. I think I laughed from the time they got here til the time they left. So fun!

All I can say is that we are truly blessed.  THANK YOU!

PS. Dear Chris- Thank you for choosing me to take on your adventure and letting me be apart of your life. I love you.

5 thoughts on “We Didnt Have to Send the Flares: They came on their own

  1. I’m so proud of you guys! Glad I can be there to help. I love our chats, texts, and phone calls. I’m going to miss you a ton but I’m so excited for you, and that I get an awesome place to visit! Love you!

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