The Road They Travelled

Here is the story of two awesome parents who took a small car across the United States to ship it from Cali to Hawaii.  These are the pictures and stories from their trip.

Donna’s log:


*Branson, MO, for lunch.  No pictures as I had my entire focus on keeping a stick shift steady on all the high hills (with traffic lights at the top of each one of them).   The main part of Branson was 2 lane on hills…arrggg!

St Louis Arch

*Oklahoma City.  Arrived at dusk.  Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial.  VERY moving.  Very eerie.  Lighted memorials (like grave sites), grouped as to where they were at the time.  Very beautiful and moving memorial.

Busch Stadium Saint Louis

Oklahoma City Memorial Lighted Memorials

Reflecting Pool Oklahoma City Memorial

 Day 2

*Driving across Oklahoma into Texas, New Mexico, sliding just into Arizona late.

Sun breaking through

*Amarillo, Texas.  Had lunch at The Big Texan.”  Their claim to fame is a 72 oz steak.  Way too much for both of us combined.  Outside is kinda hokey but the inside was paneled and definitely Texas!  And the steaks were absolutely awesome!

The Big Texan

*Route 66 for a while in Texas and New Mexico.

Welcome to Texas

Welcome to New Mexico

Abandoned Motel, Route 66

Abandoned Church, Route 66

*Stopped in Albuquerque and stayed overnight just into Arizona in Holbrook.

Day 3

*Meteor City, Arizona.   Site of huge 700’ deep meteor about 10 miles off roadway.  Very impressive crater and museum area.

Meteor Crater, AZ

Tom Walking Down the Crater

The Whip in Meteor City

*Grand Canyon Harley Davidson…….very cool!

Belmont Grand Canyon Harley Davidson, AZ

*Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon, AZ

Grand Canyon, AZ

Grand Canyon, AZ

Day 4

*Headed out Route 66 in Arizona which was going straight up and around the Black Mountains.  Road was dirt, narrow, and on the side of mountains in several places.

Route 66, AZ Mountains

*Oakmont, Arizona, a town in the middle of the high mountains.  Unsure how they get any power  or utilities up there…

Oakmont, AZ Mountains

*Arizona mountain side.

Route 66, AZ Mountains

*Tom saw, out in the middle of NOWHERE, an American Flag.  There was a little dirt trail on the side of the mountain that looked like it would lead to it.  Off we went.  Much to our surprise, we found several “memorials”, out in the middle of the desert/mountains that were homemade and left by friends and family.  VERY interesting to read these.  The most moving was one someone had made to Korean War Veterans.  It was on top of a box with glass on one side.  I climbed up and found a pair of boots inside this box, under the memorial.  Very odd but very touching.  Also, pieces of paper with notes people had left under rocks, for this memorial.  The wind was whipping about 50 miles an hour so I didn’t want to move too much as they’d been secured so carefully.

Korean War Vets Memorial, AZ Mountains, Route 66

Korean War Vets Memorial


*Continued on down mountains on Route 66 to I-40 which took us right into California!

Welcome to California

*Went to Rose Bowl for picture of Whip.  Went to Dodger Stadium, but the picture shows as close as we could get L.

At entrance to Dodge Stadium

*Secured a hotel near LAX and took off for dinner. Manhattan Beach is like BRipp on steroids even though it is an actual city and beach.  Parking and traffic were atrocious… space opened up in front of us so we grabbed it and ate at Muchos!  Excellent!

Mucho Restaurant, Manhattan Beach, CA

*Stayed overnight near LAX

Day 5

*First order was to get the Whip cleaned and prepped for shipping.  Car wash in Ingelwood.

Car wash before the trip to Hawaii, Inglewood, CA

We then said our goodbyes to the car.  It was the most fun car ever to drive across country.  The Whip is not unhappy because he know he will be seeing Alicia and Chris the minute he gets to Hawaii and he is all pumped about that!

Matson Shipping, Long Beach CA

*So, what to do now.  The Whip is safely delivered and our job is done.  Hmmmm….   Up the Pacific Coast Highway?  Yep!  Off we go!

Pacific Coast Highway

*Lunch at Patrick’s Roadhouse on Pacific Coast Highway, right on the ocean, in Pacific Palisades.  Another Diners Drive-ins and Dives place.  IT WAS FANTASTIC!  My favorite place of all time!! Very old roadhouse.  Outstanding food!  Only regret was they don’t have merchandise to sell.   If I’d just had the nerve to steal something…..Oh, no, I have more pictures I can frame…hahahaha!

Patrick's Roadhouse

*Down to Malibu.  Interesting there.  Some junk and some very expensive places on beach.  But beautiful!!!!

Malibu Beach, CA

*Venice Beach, Redondo Beach,  Palos Verdes, etc., all towns along Pacific Coast Highway.  Having a ball driving through them.  Venice is another BRipp on steroids, with an awesome beach.

Venice Beach, CA

Redondo Beach, CA

Palos Verdes looking over at Redondo Beach, CA

*Queen Mary……what can I say.  It was truly the most awesome place we have ever stayed (and we picked it because we got an insanely low internet overnight price).  Truly magnificient.  Pretty much has been kept the way it was.  Retro magnifico!  We were in total awe.  The room was incredibly original with very few exceptions.

Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA

*Our incredible son and his fiance’ (Alicia & Chris) upgraded our room and sent us champagne and chocolate covered strawberries  (which were TO DIE FOR) and had a card for us!  We both drink and ate with tears in our eyes.  We are so blessed with our kids.  They even upgraded our room to one with windows which were the original portholes.  This provided a nice breeze and an incredible view of Long Beach across the bay……It’s always amazing how much you can love your kids!!!  We wanted the night to last and last and last!!!!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Champagne from Chris and Alicia!!!

Day 6

Our journey was coming to an end.  So emotional for us…..helping our kids (move away, no less, but we are soo proud of them), driving the US, staying on the Queen Mary, seeing the sites……wish it could’ve gone on forever.

Queen Mary

*Breakfast on the ship compliments of our son and his fiance’.  How thoughtful! Best breakfast we’d had all week!!  We love them sooooo much!

Tom watching Sunrise from Queen Mary over Long Beach

*Malibu from the air….

Malibu, CA, from the air

*Denver mountains at dusk….

Denver at Dusk

……it was an incredible journey.


6 thoughts on “The Road They Travelled

  1. This was very touching! I have had the privilege of getting to know Christopher and Alicia and have been blessed. Yes, we would do anything thing for our kids including laying down our lives for them. May God bless all of you!

  2. As I try to see to type through my tears, I want to thank Tom and Donna from the bottom of my heart for all they have done for my daughter… She has been so blessed by finding the love of her life, Christopher, your wonderful son. She will continue to be blessed for the rest of her life by your truly amazing family…. Thank you.

  3. Thank you, Alicia, for giving us the opportunity! We took almost 2800 pictures on this incredibly fun trip! We love you guys!!!!!!!

  4. I have not truely met any of Alicia or Chris’s family but I know the stories that you are all doing to help them out and I think that is GREAT! Alicia and Chris are very lucky to have you all!!!!

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