The Whip

So, we sold everything we own including our cars.  And I’d like to take minute to remember Victoria the Torrent (my beloved SUV) & Chris’s Bat Mobile (the Accord).

Peace be with you and your new owners.

Victoria you will be missed. You will always be my favorite grocery-getter.


Now, as I write this our new whip is headed cross country to be shipped over to Hawaii.  Chris’s parents (Tom & Donna) have been keeping us updated on their trip as they hit one of the top 10 steak houses in the country in Amarillo, TX, the Grand Canyon and Los Angeles.  Once they fly back I will post their amazing photos of their journey. Thank you, thank you, thank you future in-laws 🙂

But for now I would like to introduce our Hyundai Accent.  Formerly driven by my sister, Brittany and tattooed with Billabong and skiing stickers; this stick-shift, 37 mpg island love car is perfect for getting us around Oahu.  A big thank you to my parents for allowing us to take this car now that Brittany is driving the convertible (yes, that one) and causing men to wreck all over the city.

Meet the new whip…

Donna with our new car leaving Flagstaff and headed to the Grand Canyon!

Tom at the Rose Bowl!


2 thoughts on “The Whip

  1. I love this web page to keep us all updated on you guys… is great!!!!!! I miss you already! Do you need me to come to Hawaii to sing at your wedding? Just asking because I will.

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