Sick Day(s)

I apologize for the lack of a new post.  I have been very sick.  Like the laying in bed wishing you were hit by a car instead.  Because if that were the case you could at least breathe out your nose, maybe have a hot doctor and could get a settlement that… never mind.  That sounds terrible.  So, I apologize to anyone who I havent answered your email, text, phone call, gchat, Tweet, Facebook message , bat signal and any other form communication you may have tried.  I will get back to you soon.  Now back to my cocktail of prednisone, Z-packs and albuterol.   Cheers!

Oh and a huge thank you to my wonderful fiance for (despite his huge work load) bringing me egg drop soup, Sprite Zero and watching the documentary ‘Babies’ last night.  (Insert your own comment)



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