Operation Liberation

We are officially Hawaii bound!  We have decided to leave our comfy life we have built here in Indianapolis and take a huge leap of faith.

Wait…what?! You guys are moving?  To Hawaii??

Deep breath… proceed.

Once Chris and I realized we wanted to spend the rest of lives together (which was what… date number 2 Chris?) we started talking about big dreams and goals we had as individuals.  I talked about starting my own business, raising a litter of children and working in the non-profit sector.  He talked about plans to move to Europe, learn new cultures, meet new people, possibly write and…. flying helicopters.  He of course had me at… well… all of the above.

The last 6 months has consisted of Chris printing out maps of altitude across the US (because we all know he researches everything to the n’th degree) and I have been scanning the job markets in cities with great flight training programs.

We had it narrowed to about 3 schools, Hawaii being our first pick.  To me, at first it seemed like a long shot.  Would we really be able to move to Hawaii?  But when I looked at Chris and saw his eyes light up (prepare yourself, Alicia is about to get sappy) when he talked about flying or rattled off a million statistics on flying or almost ran off the road when a helicopter flew by, I thought… Ok Alicia, you asked for a man like this.  One who could see the world with you, surprise you and is just crazy enough to sell everything you own and chase a dream.  Alright, I’m convinced… let’s buy our tickets!

Wait, just calm down.  This isnt going to be a picnic dear.

Then came the laundry list of things we would have to do in order to uproot our lives and move, logistically speaking.  Chris’s house sold back in March so that was a huge check mark.  But we both had new cars, I had been making our apartment a home and so  on and on… (This is where I also mention leaving our friends and family but I’ll defer that to a later date).

The cars.  That’s going to be our first task.  So we reached out to EVERYONE we know to try and sell our cars.  After number crunching we figured we could take one of our cars if push came to shove but selling both would be golden.  My grandpa caught wind that we were selling my car and began asking a million questions.  I, of course, just pointed to Chris so he could explain the warranties and drive terrain and the diameter of the… well… you get the point.  Mom also told Grandpa that the only way we can get to Hawaii is if one of our cars sold.  The next day my grandpa bought my car.  I was standing in my cousin Leann’s kitchen when grandma told me she was going to buy my car.  I looked over at mom with a “are you for real?!” look and mom was crying.  So I started crying and Chris was looking around like “Ummm…. why are we crying?  Am I supposed to cry? No really guys why are we all crying, arent we happy?”.  Needless to say, grandpa was our first step towards….. holy moly we are really doing this.

Then we got even more great news.  Chris’s parents were going to buy his car!  It is such a great feeling knowing you have such supportive family members who will swoop in to help you take care of business.  So, how are we going to get around Hawaii?  Stay tuned for my next post  about our new whip.

So what about all your…stuff?

I called my best friend Jaime to come help me pack away my life into boxes because Hidden Valley Lake was having an enormous garage sale and EVERYTHING MUST GO! (except Chris’s guitars and other sentimental things).  Jaime buzzed in and when I opened the door there was Jaime crying.  So what do I do?  You guessed it… Chris came home and walked in on the two of us crying and once again he’s like “Ummm….guys… is everything ok?  Did someone just start their period?  Am I supposed to cry?!”

After Jaime and I got all our material belongings packed away Chris and I toted them down to HVL where we sold everything we own.  Now this was the real “Operation Liberation”.  It is such an amazing feel to separate yourself from material things.  Neither Chris nor I place a lot of value in “things” but more into life’s adventure and each other.  Chris’s cousin Apyrl, who is an inspiring and amazing woman, has a life motto of ”Less things, less space, more life”.  I think she’s on to something.

Alicia, a job.  You havent mentioned what the heck you are going to do over there.  Are you not aware of this economy??

No worries everyone.  I have a few things up my sleeve.

So, that brings us to now.  We have three huge suitcases in our living room staring at us ready for our whole life to squeeze in.  I have two one-way tickets for Honolulu departing on November 16th (yes, as in 5 weeks from now) and the most incredible fiance a girl could have.  Oh yea, that reminds me!  We got engaged somewhere in our chaos… but that is another story for another time.



5 thoughts on “Operation Liberation

  1. I almost started crying reading this post… Congrats on the begining of your beautiful journey! How is Kelso’s gigantic bone going to fit in his overhead compartment? Putting HI on my must visit list soon 🙂

  2. Yay! I’m going to miss you guys but I’m so glad everything has fallen into place so you can follow your dreams. Love you both!

  3. Alicia- I am so happy for you and your soon-to-be Hubby. Marriage is the best adventure ever. So glad to hear you found a capable partner in crime. You will be an amazing wife!

  4. I am sitting her bawling my eyes out after reading this. I am so happy for the two of you yet so sad that you will be miles away from Shelby. Shelby is excited……she thinks we’ll come to Hawaii to visit. : ) We are blessed to have the two of you in our lives. I wish you both the best because you two are truly awesome human beings.



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